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The premier Wilderness Medicine CME since 1982

Wilderness and Travel Medicine, LLC specializes in the highest quality expedition, travel, and wilderness medicine CME conferences for medical professionals. Our courses prepare participants to become more adept at rendering emergency medical care in wilderness environments, which can be remote and austere. These courses are also excellent preparation for medical problems associated with foreign travel, medical missions, and disasters.

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Our Wilderness and Expedition Medicine CME conferences have earned a reputation of excellence for over 25 years largely on the strength of our world-class faculty.

Our faculty teaches practical and state-of-the-art medical skills which are relevant for health professionals of all specialties who have an interest in Wilderness Medicine.

Another unique strength is the emphasis on more practical topics and workshops. We are also the largest provider of CME conferences in adventure travel locations worldwide.

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Outdoor and wilderness recreation have grown tremendously in popularity over the past two decades. Physicians and other health care providers should have an increased awareness of medical problems that are unique to the wilderness environment. The goal of our course is to teach both practical and theoretical skills to health professionals, search and rescue personnel, and interested lay people. At the conclusion of a course, participants will be able to identify, diagnose, and treat medical emergencies and problems commonly encountered in wilderness environments.