Wilderness & Travel Medicine


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"All CME should be like this! A wealth of knowledge communicated in a wonderful manner! Course content was great for anyone who enjoys the outdoors---no matter what level. Guides were fun and safety oriented. Faculty was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and approachable. Food was amazing - I gained 5 pounds! Location was beautiful and so relaxing. My non-medical spouse loved the course and attended the lectures. Perfect combination of CME and fun!"

Deborah Wilson, MD Family Medicine / ER

"The most informative, hands-on, interesting CME I have ever attended. Instructors well-versed and entertaining guides very safety oriented and helpful food was amazing! This was the best CME I have attended in my 13 years of practice and I look forward to attending again"

Dan Weiler, MD

"I was inspired on many levels - certainly the best conference I have ever attended... this conference is such a unique one...such a wonderful experience...It reminds me of why I went into medicine in the first place!"

Sandra Deveny, MD (Emergency Medicine)

"I enjoyed myself immensely and loved every moment of the experience. I want to complement you on the organization of the week. Everything went off perfectly, which speaks of all the planning you did to make this course a wonderful success..."

Robert Derlet, M.D. - Professor and Chief, Division of Emergency Medicine, UC Davis Medical Center

"Faculty were all personable and very knowledgeable and fun! I love to listen to them! I loved the hands-on course content. Guide staff was great and very helpful. Excellent meals. Course was very well set up and organized."

Heather Smith, RN

"Phenomenal course with much content not available in other programs! ... excellent, in-depth, very relevant, and practical."

Joseph Leader, M.D. Pediatrics Lexington, Mass.

"A wilderness adventure with top-notch staff providing excellent food , fun and facts. Beautiful scenery and outstanding faculty make this a must do for every outdoor enthusiast and medical types alike"

Kristen Wheeler, RN, BSN Phoenix, Az

"Faculty was exceptional, inspirational and funny. The faculty has amazing experience that they communicate magnificently! Course content was balanced and interesting. Guide staff was skilled and wonderful. Perfect trip itinerary. Excellent meals."

Dave Montgomery, MD Ob-Gyn

"Great course, great people, great rafting! Outstanding course content taught by the best faculty of any course I have attended.."

Dave Peters, MD Anesthesia - Fort Worth , Texas.

"This is a special course for everyone involved. Lovely location and fantastic meals! Faculty is overwhelmingly knowledgeable and experienced."

Chris Kargel, DO - Family Practice

"Absolutely the most enjoyable and interesting CME conference I have ever attended! Probably the best group of lecturers I have ever experienced."

Daniel Nordin, MD Internal Medicine

"Exceptional faculty, fantastic setting.nice balance of CME and fun! Team building activities helped build a cohesive group."

James Minton, MD Clovis, Ca.

"Wow! Blown away with the caliber of the faculty! The wide array of personal experience of the faculty makes for an extremely educational and entertaining experience. Very motivational...a great experience! I will be back!"

Sonja Newton, R.N.

"Faculty were outstanding speakers with great knowledge. Beautiful location. Very fun and friendly guides. Best food Ive eaten in a while. Definitely a course I will always remember!"

Carrie Teague, RN

"Cannot say enough good about this course! Excellent in every way! Fabulous course content perfect location. Will highly recommend this course to others!"

Robert Kenton, MD Radiology, Reno, NV

"Informative and inspirational. I left thinking of additional ways to make a difference. Excellent review of wilderness medical problems and how to respond to them."

Don Holdaway, MD Dermatology Logan, Utah

"Fantastic conference...very professional...easy interaction with speakers...faculty demonstrated superior knowledge and a wealth of practical experience."

Keith Henderson, DO Douglasville, PA

"A wonderful experience for our entire family! Perfect blend of practical knowledge taught by excellent faculty."

David Dodson, MD Internal Medicine Palm Beach , Fla.

"Great pace, practical information, fun, great location. Faculty inspiring, very friendly, accessible, and motivated to teach."

Jody Johnson, MD (EM) Royal Oak, MI

"Would be hard to improve this course. Excellent audiovisuals. The only conference I've attended where I was continuously riveted to my seat and yearned for more."

Jeff Robertson, MD, Seattle, WA

"Love this seminar! Great speakers! This is my fourth time...I always learn something new...I find the information invaluable and infinitely entertaining! Thank you!"

Denise Baskind, MD (EM) Dallas, TX

"This was the single best enjoyable CME conference I have ever been to. So very practical. I will be back next year!"

Paul Heilborn, MD, FAAFP, Jackson, MI

"Thanks again for hosting a great trip! It was like the summer camp that I wish I had gone on as a kid. What a great escape to not worry about anything and let you plan our activities and food. It was a little hard to return to my office and the real world afterwards."

Su Yi, M.D.

"Outstanding speakers. I have never enjoyed a medical conference more. You guys inspire me to reach higher."

Frank Newton, MD (USAOC) Fort Bragg, NC.

"Your Santa Fe Wilderness Medicine conference was one of the best meetings I've ever attended. Congratulations!"

James Munis, MD, PhD - Departments of Anesthesiology, Physiology and Biomedical Engineering Mayo Clinic Rochester

"Everyone on the faculty was fabulous. I love them all. Excellent guide staff. Location is beautiful, remote, relaxing, and conducive to joyful learning. This course has enhanced who I am."

Susan Ralston, ARNP, Phoenix, AZ

"The course excited me... every topic and every lecture had a perl of information that will help me in my practice or my outdoor activities."

Charles Katz, MD - ENT- SLC, Utah

"Fantastic conference...very professional...easy interaction with speakers...faculty demonstrated superior knowledge and a wealth of practical experience."

Keith Henderson, DO Douglasville, PA

"Best CME ever! This will be a trip we will remember forever!" Awesome itinerary! Wonderful faculty-tops in knowledge! I learned many new things from all of the faculty."

Ken Mason, MD --- Anesthesiology

"Best CME course I've attended. Very practical and useful information. Presentations were excellent and concise."

Christine Sponagle, MD ---Ob/ Gyn - Waukesha, Wi

"Fabulous conference! Practical and useful both personally and professionally. Great speakers! I will encourage primary care docs to attend."

Sheri Ross, MD Pediatrics Lake Forest, Ill.

"I was inspired on many levels - certainly the best conference I have ever attended...this conference is such a unique one...such a wonderful experience...it reminds me of why I went into medicine in the first place!"

Sandra Deveny, MD (Emergency Medicine)

"The conference is just teaming with great speakers... Magnificently exciting talks...just a perfect balance of business and fun.."

Carol Ferris, MD (EM) Hamilton, Bermuda

"Presentations were fascinating, informative...held my attention. Practical even in a suburban setting. Faculty is awesome."

Raymond L. Ebarb, MD (FP) W. Sayville, NY

"I attended the Wilderness Medicine Conference as a representative from CAL/ACEP education committee....it was an excellent conference. In fact, it was the best conference I have been to in years. Well organized, excellent speakers and great setting."

Katie Hurt , MD

"I've been waiting 25 years to finally say -- the BEST CME I have ever attended -- will highly recommend to my colleagues and hope to attend another... "


"Very exciting and interesting course that covers a different scope from traditional medicine. Outstanding faculty."

Rick Daugherty, MD (FP) Belle, MO

"Superb faculty with an optimal blend of academic and practical skills. Course content was relevant, useful, and action-packed. Meals were like five star in the wilderness!"

Alex Levin, MD

"Awesome faculty! Most incredible CME location Ive ever attended! Every meal is a feast! Ill refer many people!"

Tamara Hughes, MD Henagar, Ala.

"Fantastic course. Every lecture seemed highly relevant to the wilderness environment. Great, experienced, charismatic faculty."

Matt Danigelis, MD - Emergency Medicine - Florence, Or.

"Awesome faculty, very knowledgable, and they communicate well. Friendly and very competent guides. Food was too good! Beautiful location! Activities were a good balance of challenge for our group."

Bill Schroa, MD - Family Practice, Durango, Colo.

"Most enjoyable and useful conference I've attended in the last 20 years. I hope to return every year hereafter."

Alan Lyn, MD FP/OB Santa Paula, Ca.

"Amazing! Had a wonderful experience. Probably the best conference Ive ever attended. Your instructors are incredible!"

Lane Heder, MD - Family Practice Layton, Utah.

"Phenomenal guide staff! Top notch! Everyone was eager to make your experience a positive one. Faculty is knowledgable and easy to approach. You Cant beat the itinerary!"

Randi Wagner, MD Family Practice

"Memorable. Beautiful location. Informative and practical faculty. Excellent and useful course content. Friendly guides."

Sammy Chang, MD - Pediatrics.

"Outstanding speakers. I have never enjoyed a medical conference more. You guys inspire me to reach higher."

Frank Newton, MD (USAOC) Fort Bragg, NC

"Faculty was excellent, enthusiastic and easy to relate to - a great group! There was a Great variety of course topics. Guide staff was also great- very friendly and eager to help. Scenarios are great teaching tools."

Russel Smith, MD Family Medicine

"Incredible conference! The speakers were wonderful and the sessions were exceptional. I hope to be back soon."

Susan Wise, PA - Hayrsville, NC

"Practical. Fun. Some of the most useful information and learning I've had in a CME course in a long time. Thank you (BTW have already told multiple colleagues and will be back next year!)"

Rich Oeckler, MD

"This conference is the most practical and interesting CME conference out there - a must for any outdoor enthusiast. One to be repeated again and again."

Carrie Riley, PA