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5 Reasons to Attend the Conference Virtually

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    We are excited to announce our first-ever VIRTUAL conference on Wilderness & Travel Medicine. As we move through the process of creating the online content, we realized there are several benefits to a live-stream event.

    Online format is different, but it can be incredibly useful for many reasons. We want to share some of the highlights for this new virtual format with you below.

    We hope to see you online this month for our Virtual Conference on Wilderness & Travel medicine!

    person lighting fire#1: No Time Like the Present

    During these uncertain times, it seems more important than ever to gain skills in improvisation and learning tools on how to do less with more. Topics that are addressed during this Wilderness & Travel medicine conference will be very useful during these times, including:

    • Improvised Medical & Trauma Care
    • Patient Assessment in Wilderness & Remote settings
    • Survival Strategies for the Adventure Traveler and Humanitarian Worker
    • Environmental Injuries
    • Water Disinfection
    • Helicopter Safety & Risk Assessment
    • Medical-Legal Issues in Wilderness, Disaster & International Medicine

    computer on desk#2: Ongoing Access to Content

    Have you ever attended a conference and felt inspired by all the information you were learning and then realize once you have returned home that you wish you had taken more notes? The virtual format of this conference allows attendees to have ongoing access to the conference sessions.

    Perhaps you missed parts of the High Altitude lecture the first time around, but you are planning a family trip to Peru in the upcoming year… you will have access to this lecture at your finger tips when you are ready for review.

    Having ongoing access to this comprehensive curriculum is invaluable. It is something we have never been able to offer before and we are excited to be finally able to provide this to our registrants this May.

    computer with map#3: Engaging Faculty

    If this is your first time attending a Wilderness & Travel Medicine Conference, you are in for a treat.

    Our reviews from prior attendees consistently share that we have some of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers than any other medical conference experience.

    Our faculty are experts in their field, meaning they can stand anywhere and share their knowledge enthusiastically, addressing the key points without boring the audience with a monotone voiceover powerpoint.

    The format of this conference will provide you with a variety of presentations, some will be live and some will be academically focused with cutting-edge research shared to you in the comfort of your own home.

    The conference is teaming with great speakers… magnificently exciting talks… just a perfect balance of business & fun
    ~ C. F, MD

    woman camping with coffee#4: Content in the Comfort of Your Own Home

    Let’s face it, one of the huge perks of traveling to a conference is the opportunity to visit new places and experience the conference culture while meeting other conference attendees. There are also perks to having access to these lectures at your fingertips, allowing you to watch them over again at your leisure. Maybe you learn how to apply a SAM splint and try the technique on a friend, realizing you missed a critical step- you now have access to the video for your review.

    There are plenty of ways to make this conference engaging- even if it is from your own hometown:

    • Take the opportunity between the lectures to hike a new trail or bike a route that you have always wanted to explore.
    • In between lectures on survival- make time to dial in your survival or first aid kit

    The conference will still be live streaming the evening programs which for this event will be:

    • New Frontiers in Humanitarian Disaster Relief Medicine by Dr. Mike VanRooyen
    • Wild Animal Attacks – Patterns & Prevention by Dr. Timothy Erickson
    • Foot Fangs & Anopheles: Speed Bumps on the Road to Adventure by Skip Horner
    • The Rooftops of the World – Guiding Everest & the Seven Summits – by Skip Horner

    These evening programs are family and kid friendly – invite your family to movie night! Broadcast the presentation on your television, make some popcorn, grab a beer and enjoy a family evening while sharing with your loved ones exciting topics on wilderness medicine & learning about some of the most incredible expeditions around the world.

    #5: Finding New Ways to Connect

    Health professionals who find themselves interested in Wilderness & Travel Medicine are often a passionate and enthusiastic group of individuals. The on-site conferences with Wilderness & Travel Medicine often has up to 600 participants, which can sometimes make meeting other like-minded colleagues overwhelming.

    The online format of this conference is changing that. Registrants will be able to participate in smaller, more intimate breakout sessions for some of the lectures and they will also be invited to join on online social networking group to stay in touch, share resources and exchange contact information. This is a huge perk that has been underutilized in the past and will be a silver lining for all attending this virtual event this May.

    Extraordinary conference… most enjoyable learning experience I have ever encountered
    ~ J. E, MD

    We look forward to connecting with you online this month!


    1. Nicole Crane on June 14, 2020 at 3:09 pm

      I registered for the in person format as I was excited not only for the education but also Big Sky. I can still get excited about the online education but my question is: Is the online virtual conference the same dates as the original in person? Do I need to log on to my computer at certain times etc? Trying to figure out if I stay home during that same specific week as original conference to log on computer with my stay at home thanks to COIVD kids and dog distracting me or if there is flexibility as to when I have access to the virtual conference.

      • Kyle Allred on June 15, 2020 at 3:49 pm

        Thank you for your question. The online conference will be presented live during the same dates and times (MDT) of the live conference with some slight changes to avoid evening hours. You will also have the flexibility to log onto the recorded lectures and question and answer sessions at your convenience and at anytime during over the next year through the on-demand feature that is provided with your registration. There are also survival and emergency skill sessions offered for family members (children and teens).

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