The National Conference on Wilderness Medicine

Big Sky Resort, Montana 

July 27 - July 31, 2019

Conference Schedule

Saturday, July 27, 2019

"Entire faculty was incredible! The most fun course I have been to... I didn't want it to end."
Catherine Worthy, FNP, CT

2:00 - 4:30 pm Registration

4:30 pm Defining Wilderness Medicine
Eric A. Weiss, MD

4:45 pm Hypothermia Prevention & Treatment
Eric A. Weiss, MD

5:35 pm Arthropod Envenomation: Spiders, Scorpions, Wasps & Ants
Richard F. Clark, MD

6:30 pm Welcome Reception (families & Friends Invited)
Music, Hors d'oeurves and Beverages

Sunday, July 28, 2019

"Absolutely the most enjoyable and interesting CME conference I have ever attended! Probably the best group of lecturers I have ever experienced."
Daniel Nordin, MD Internal Medicine

7:00 am Late Registration/Continental Breakfast/Exhibits

7:30 am Surviving The Unexpected Night Out
Gary Kibbee

8:20 am Snake Envenomation
RIchard F. Clark, MD

9:10 am Heat-Related Emergencies
Eric A. Weiss, MD

9:50 am Coffee Break

10:05 am Altitude Illness: Prevention & Treatment
Howard Donner, MD

10:55 am Preparing for International Travel: Update on Immunizations, Malaria Prevention & Safety
Christopher Sanford, MD

11:45 am Wilderness 911: Mountain Search & Rescue
Lanny Johnson, FN/PA

12:35 pm Adjourn - FREE TIME
Enjoy Big Sky Country or attend an optional workshop

7:30 pm Avalanche Survival, Safety and Rescue
Lanny Johnson, FN/PA

8:30 pm SPECIAL EVENING PROGRAM (Guests Welcome)
Disaster Relief & Rescue in Haiti and New Orleans
Christopher Sanford, MD

Monday, July 29, 2019

"Extraordinary conference... most enjoyable learning experience I have ever encountered."
Joseph Easly, MD

7:00 am Continental Breakfast / Exhibits

7:30 am Travel Medicine Update: Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Zika and More...
Christopher Sanford, MD

8:20 am Wilderness Dermatology: Poison Ivy/Oak & Other Rashes
Lee Kaplan, MD

9:05 am Frostbite Prevention & Treatment
Howard Donner, MD

9:45 am Coffee Break

10:00 am Backcountry & Expedition Medical Kits
Howard Donner, MD

10:55 am Venomous Sea creatures & Shark Attacks
Karen Van Hoesen, MD

11:45 am Flood & River Rescue, Whitewater Medicine & Safety
Kyle Allred, PA-C

12:30 pm Adjourn - FREE TIME
Enjoy Big Sky Country or attend an optional workshop

7:45 pm Prevention & Treatment of Blisters
Kyle Allred, PA-C

8:30 pm SPECIAL EVENING PROGRAM (Guests Welcome)
Polar Scuba Diving in Antarctica
Karen Van Hoesen, MD

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

"The conference is just teaming with great speakers... magnificently exciting talks... just a perfect balance of business and fun."
Carol Ferris, MD, (EM)
Hamilton, Bermuda

7:00 am Continental Breakfast / Exhibits

7:30 am Traveler's Diarrhea, Giardia, & Other Wilderness Infections
Eric A. Weiss, MD

8:20 am Below Sea Level: Updates in Dive Medicine & Safety
Karen Van Hoesen, MD

9:10 am Sunscreens & Insect Repellents
Lee Kaplan, MD

9:55 am Coffee Break

10:10 am Trauma & Improvised Care in Austere Environments
Eric A. Weiss, MD

10:55 am Fracture & Dislocation Management in the Backcountry
Joseph B. Serra, MD

11:50 am "Is There a Doctor on Board?" Medical Emergencies at 35,000 Feet
Howard Donner, MD

12:35 pm Adjourn - FREE TIME
Enjoy Big Sky Country or attend an optional workshop

7:00 pm Banquet (Guests Welcome)

8:00 pm Special Presentation (Guests Welcome)
The Quest to Climb & Ski The Seven Summits
Kit Deslauriers

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

8:00 am - 12:00 pm Participants may attend 4 different workshops of their choice. (One hour each - listed below). The workshops below are included in your course tuition, and do not require pre-registration.

Adventure travel Big Sky Summer Workshops

Improvised Packaging, Splinting & Evacuation

This hands-on workshop will cover improvised splinting in the backcountry, including splinting of common injuries using materials found in a typical backpack, building various improvised litters from commonly available outdoor equipment, and stabilizing & transporting patients. Howard J. Donner, MD

Ski and snowboard injuries hands on assessment CME Course

Fracture & Dislocation Management

Learn how to recognize, reduce and splint fractures and dislocations in the backcountry. Joseph B. Serra, MD

cme course inca RickClark

Survival Strategies For The Adventure Traveler

Learn how to protect yourself and stay safe while traveling. Learn what to do if you're caught in a fire, disaster, or hijacked airplane, lose your passport, and what precautions to take when you're away from home. Philip White

cme course california12

Orienteering/Route Finding

An introduction to navigation using map, compass, and GPS. Nickolas Beer

Activities for Children and Teens Wilderness Medicine cme adventure

Taking Children Safely Into The Wilderness

Covers common medical issues for children in backcountry/foreign travel. Learn how to maximize enjoyment, appreciation, and safety on family wilderness trips from a pediatric & emergency wilderness expert. Karen Van Hoesen, MD

cme course on climate change

Climate Change & Global Health

A discussion of multiple ways climate change and extreme weather patterns may impact the spread of disease and the allocation of health care resources. Sheryl Olson, RN/BSN

water purification CME Course

Backcountry Water Purifiction

Learn how to effectively purify and disinfect water. Participants will have the opportunity to test different water purifiers and learn about the latest water disinfection technologies. Howard J. Donner, MD

wilderness Medicine lightning strikes treatment CME

Lightning Prevention & Injuries

Lightning is not only spectacular, it is dangerous. Many myths and misconceptions exist about lightning. Learn how to lessen your chances of being struck and how to treat lightning injuries. Sheryl Olson, RN/BSN

bigsky cave rescue CME course

The Thai Cave Rescue

Cave and other confined spaces are some of the most challenging environments for rescuers. A US Navy SEAL expert in confined space and dive rescue, who has worked with the Thai Navy SEALs, will discuss the training, special equipment and operational challenges needed to accomplish these difficult rescues and survive in a subterranean environment. Gary Kibbee

wilderness Medicine CME course women safety wisdom

Wilderness Wisdom For Women

In the backcountry, women may have different needs and concerns than men. This workshop will address topics such as packing light, personal safety and other needs of women traveling in the wilderness or a foreign country. Sheryl Olson, RN/BSN